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Welcome to Barclay ComponentsBarclay Components was founded to fill a key need in the independent distribution channel of supply chain management. With over 20 years of experience in the field of distribution a group of like minded individuals came together with one purpose. To provide competent, timely and trustworthy solutions to our customers. Whether you are a contract manufacturer or an O.E.M., in the medical, aerospace or military supply chain, we are a partner you can count on. Please take the time to learn more about our business philosophies in our about us section. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to go to work for you.

Prompt Responsiveness

Our team responds quickly to your requests, and gets to work immediately to provide great prices on hard to find components.

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Barclay Components, Global Access, American Components, World Wide Electronic Components Distributor
Global Access

Our worldwide network of trusted resources allows us to find and deliver the specific parts you need.

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Barclay Components, Engineering Professional, American Components, World Wide Electronic Components Distributor
Guaranteed Quality

Our quality-control processes guard against counterfeits while ensuring reliability and performance.

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industries we serve

Aerospace & Defense

From extremely durable and reliable seals and bushings to hybrid circuit components for on-board applications, Barclay Components assists the worlds leading aerospace & Defense manufacturers and with specialized, critical-duty components.

Oil & Gas

Barclay Components serves several energy-based markets with a wide variety of components from severe-duty pump and pulsation equipment to components for next-generation fuel cells and solar manufacturing.


For virtually any medical device application, Barclay Components provides USP Class VI compatible technical ceramic and performance plastic components for highly complex or thoroughly basic geometries.


With the high demands of the modern Automotive Industry, companies require more than just a component supplier – they require true business partners. Barclay Components provides extremely reliable parts to increase performance and efficiency for manufacturers around the globe.

Energy & Environment

Barclay Components offers a wide range of reliable and cost-effective products for the energy & environment industry. Our position as a leading supplier of electrical components enables us to supply next-generation products for the harshest environments.


Enhance performance and product life by using the material best suited to your industrial applications. Barclay Components’ highly trained material professionals will help you choose from a multitude of advanced components.

Our commitment is to not only earn your trust,
but to continually build upon it.


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